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  • Men’s skin is unique. To best protect and support your skin, skincare for men contains ingredients which help to address oil flow and other concerns. Discover SkinCeuticals formulations and expert-approved skincare tips for men ahead
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Skincare for men vs women may often overlap, but featured ingredients may differentiate to address separate concerns. Skin thickness, sebum production, pore size and general hydration are generally higher in men's skin1. These markers can lead to differences in how men's skin feels and looks, and how concerns like mild acne and ageing signs develop.

Men's skincare can cater to frequent oil flow and larger pore size through the implementation of beta-hydroxy acids (BHA) and glycolic acids which help to exfoliate and clear pores. Skincare products for men may support a strong skin moisture barrier and provide protection against environmental stress like UV radiation.

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To promote skin vitality and support skin against premature signs of ageing, men’s skincare products should include cleansing, hydrating and anti-ageing steps alongside broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect against UVA and UVB radiation. A minimal skincare routine for men can look like:

Step 1: Purifying cleanser

When choosing a face cleanser for men, it’s recommended to opt for products which support skin’s natural exfoliation and help to support the skin moisture barrier. Glycolic Renewal Foaming Facial Cleanser is formulated with 8% Glycolic Acid to help clear dead skin cells and minimise the appearance of pore size.

Step 2: Enhancing serum

Facial serums help to address the specific concerns of your skin and skin type, such as redness, signs of premature ageing and skin dullness. Using men’s skincare serums can help support the skin moisture barrier. To address fine lines and protect against environmental stress, opt for a potent antioxidant serum like C E Ferulic Vitamin C Serum. To hydrate and plump, we recommend hyaluronic acid serums like HA Intensifier Hyaluronic Acid Serum.

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Step 3: Anti-ageing moisturiser

AM and PM moisturiser application is essential to hydrated, bright and soft skin. An anti-ageing cream formula for can be implemented in your routine. Triple Lipid Restore 242 Anti Ageing Moisturiser contains 2% pure ceramides alongside 4% natural cholesterol for improved skin elasticity and hydration.

Step 4: Broad spectrum sunscreen

Especially in Australia, repeated exposure to UV radiation can compromise the health and appearance of skin. An essential component of AM skincare for men, broad spectrum sunscreen helps to protect skin against UV radiation which can accelerate premature ageing signs like fine lines and dulled complexions. Ultra Facial Defense Sunscreen SPF50 provides high-level protection against UVA and UVB rays within a moisturising formula.

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