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Vitamin B5

The Benefits of adding Vitamin B5 to your Skincare Routine.

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What is Vitamin B5?

Also called pantothenic acid and found naturally in salmon, avocados, sunflower seeds, broccoli, and a range of other foods, vitamin B5 is an essential nutrient, meaning it isn't made in the body and must be taken topically or in the diet. It plays an important role in the breakdown of fats and carbohydrates for energy, and is also critical to the synthesis of red blood cells, as well as some hormones.
In skincare, pantothenic acid has a number of uses, including helping to support the skin moisture barrier. The problem with using pantothenic acid as a skincare ingredient is that it's relatively unstable. So instead, the derivative commonly used in topical skincare products is panthenol, also known as pro-vitamin B5. Much more stable and easily absorbed into the skin, once it penetrates, panthenol is quickly converted to pantothenic acid.
The vitamin B5 used in SkinCeuticals formulations is vegetable derived.

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