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Fine lines and wrinkles are an inevitable part of getting older. Whilst there’s nothing inherently negative about developing wrinkles, the fact that many people wish to delay this process has led to the development of many skincare products formulated with the purpose of minimising visible lines.


Can you reverse wrinkles? No. But you can reduce their appearance. This depends on the depth of the wrinkles in question. The rate and extent of wrinkle development is influenced significantly by intrinsic factors like genetics and extrinsic factors like drinking alcohol, smoking and levels of UV exposure. It’s accurate to say that lifestyle adjustments and well-formulated skincare can help to both delay the wrinkle formation process and visibly minimise existing lines.

This article will act as your guide to helpful measures to minimise the occurrence and visible appearance of wrinkles around the eyes, face and neck. We’ll discuss the different types of wrinkle causes and the most beneficial anti-wrinkle skincare ingredients to seek out in your chosen formulas, accompanied by routines and product recommendations geared towards lifting and firmness for complexions with fine lines and wrinkles.


As we age, so does our skin. An internal process that causes skin cell turnover to decrease, meaning your skin renews itself at a slower rate. The skin’s ability to synthesise essential vitamins and proteins also declines with age, which also leads to fine lines and wrinkles. Less collagen (or a more disorganised collagen system) causes decreased firmness, elasticity and structural support for your skin, while less elastin leads to less flexibility in the skin. Fine lines and eventually deeper wrinkles on the face are the visible result of this aspect of the intrinsic chronological ageing process.


It’s useful to understand that there are two different types of skin ageing causes: intrinsic and extrinsic. The primary causes listed above are intrinsic chronological processes and therefore their occurrence is inevitable with the passage of time.


Mitigating extrinsic causes of skin ageing influences is important method of how to reduce wrinkle appearancefrom your 20s. Here are some habits to avoid:

  • SUN EXPOSURE: UV radiation can contribute to collagen and elastin breakdown, wrinkles, skin laxity, hyperpigmentation and skin cancer. We recommend wearing sunscreen every day, wearing protective clothing and avoiding UV exposure.

  • DEHYDRATION: When your skin lacks adequate water content, you may notice dehydration lines that can eventually evolve into wrinkles. This can be avoided by staying hydrated.

  • SMOKING: This habit narrows blood vessels near the skin’s surface, disrupting the flow of oxygen and nutrients to your complexion. Smoking also compromises collagen and elastin and can make skin look dull.

  • SLEEPING HABITS: Inadequate sleep leaves your skin with inadequate time to mend itself enabling signs of ageing to set in sooner.


An effective anti-ageing regime to target existing and future wrinkles should involve lifestyle interventions, sun protection and skincare products enriched with highly efficacious anti-wrinkle ingredients. Read on for our anti-ageing skincare recommendations to help keep wrinkles at bay.


We recommend incorporating anti-ageing creams into your skincare regime in place of a conventional facial moisturiser because they contain selected ingredients to target the formation of wrinkles on the face.

Each SkinCeuticals anti-ageing cream is formulated to help manage particular skin issues which contribute to fine lines and wrinkles. For example, our A.G.E Interrupter Advanced Anti-Wrinkle Cream works to target erosion of elasticity and firmness caused by advanced glycation end products – harmful compounds that build up in the body over time and cause oxidative stress. This advanced formula contains Proxylane, blueberry extract and phytosphinosine to tackle fine lines and wrinkles, as well as thinning and creping of the skin.

Our Triple Lipid Restore 242 Anti-Ageing Moisturiser is another of our anti-ageing creams that targets a different aspect of mature skin, namely a compromised moisture barrier. As we age, the natural lipid barrier that helps hold in the skin’s water content can become patchy, exacerbating the appearance of dryness and wrinkles. This anti-ageing formula helps manage this issue by utilising an innovative 2:4:2 ratio of ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids to refill cellular lipids and support the skin moisture barrier.


Retinoids, of which retinol is a subtype, are a widely embraced category of anti-ageing ingredients due to their ability to speed up lagging skin cell turnover, stimulate collagen synthesis and minimise the appearance of wrinkles on the face. We recommend introducing one of our retinol creams into your nightly skincare regime to help reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles around the eyes, on the face and uneven pigmentation.

Our Retinol 1.0 Anti-Ageing Night Cream is a high potency slow release formula ideal for problematic and mature skin accustomed to retinol. If you’re newer to using this ingredient, we recommend starting with our 0.3 or 0.5 formulas.


Wrinkles don’t just apply to the face. In fact, the neck area is especially prone to wrinkles and crepiness and can have wrinkles up to five times deeper than those on the face. That’s why we developed a corrective cream formulated with retinol and peptides to help fortify fragile skin in the neck area.

Our Tripeptide-R Retinol Neck Repair Cream is a firming cream formulated to firm the skin, targeting horizontal neck lines, skin laxity and uneven skin tone.


A plan to minimise wrinkles around the eyes is incomplete without an eye cream. When it comes to how to reduce under eye wrinkles, both hydrating and anti-ageing ingredients are necessary due to dry skin under eyes causing wrinkles.

Our A.G.E Advanced Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream has an advanced anti-wrinkle formula that supports the delicate skin of the eye contour. This cream targets dark circles, crow’s feet and puffiness with a flavonoid complex, synergistic peptides, blueberry extract and Proxylane. Optical diffusers also create a radiant appearance.


As we know, exposure to UV radiation, especially UVA rays, can have a significant impact on accelerating visible skin ageing, including collagen and elastin breakdown leading to wrinkles.

For this reason, sunscreen should be considered as the most important type of anti-ageing skincare for minimising wrinkles. We recommend opting for our Ultra Facial Defense Sunscreen SPF 50 due to its non-comedogenic formula, broad-spectrum protection and ultra-moisturising ingredients.


Apply 20 minutes before sun exposure. Sunscreen is only one part of sun protection so wear protective clothing and seek shade. Avoid prolonged sun exposure. Reapply every 2 hours and after swimming, towelling and perspiring in accordance with directions.


In light of the above ingredients and formulas, there are a few essential considerations as you craft your daily anti-ageing skincare routine for mature skin:

  • BE CONSISTENT: Completing your routine every morning and night is key to minimising wrinkles.

  • START SLOWLY: Introducing multiple potent products at once can be too much for your skin, so choose one at a time to allow your skin to adjust and increase application frequency over time.

  • HEED GUIDANCE: Anti-ageing products can contain potent ingredients, so it’s important to pay attention to any guidance or rules for application provided.

Now that you’ve educated yourself regarding how to reduce wrinkle appearance, try reading our Guide to Chemical Exfoliating with AHAs and BHAs to build on your skincare learnings.




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